Monday, November 4, 2013

Be BRAVE...Make Pie Crust!!!

I was very brave and made pie crust. I read Mel's Kitchen Cafe {which I LOVE} and thought ok, she says I can do it...and I'm going to try.

My boys LOVE pie. And I've NEVER made them one!

So, I followed her instructions EXACTLY! And it turned out PERFECT!!!!

{don't mind my runner hair, I was so excited to make pie that I didn't even change!}

I even made lattice. Holy Moly! What is this world coming to!

HERE are the instructions! You can't mess it up! It's perfect pie crust.  {I don't actually like fruit pie, but I did try the crust and it was flaky and perfect!} YUM!!!

Now, what kind should I make next? I'm thinking Coconut Creme. That is my favorite!!


  1. I clicked on your link from MKC, and I have to say, good job on the pie! :) It looks beautiful!! I've never attempted a lattice top pie. Yours looks wonderful!